Shared culture

"Enjoying Life" is committed to improving and caring for the feelings of life of the owners, and building a friendly and interactive relationship with customers, and includes the sub-brands "Community Caring System" with six aspects and "37°C Community" with eight labels, so that the service can be integrated into every detail of the life of the owners in the coverage of the whole age.

  • Rainbow Study Room

    We organize study rooms and activities for young children who stay at home while their parents work full-time. The activities we organize may vary based on the children's preferences and may include, among others, storytelling and playinggame.

  • Children's Art Gallery

    We organize art-related activities for children and showcase their work in communal areas.

  • Gardening Academy

    We organize workshops to teach children knowledge of different plants and cultivate their environmental awareness.

  • Temperature Workshop

    We organize baking workshops that are generally attended by stay-at-home mothers and baking enthusiasts within the residential community.

  • Floating Library

    We station mini-libraries around the residential community to encourage reading as a healthy and fulfilling habit for our property owners and residents. Such mini-libraries would be set up in structures decorated to mimic London-style phone booths.

  • Colorful Photography

    We establish photography societies and encourage socializing between photography lovers in the residential community. We also organize showcases of photography work created by our property owners or residents.

  • Sunshine Lane

    We organize fitness societies, through which volunteers organize walking trips and other sports activities on a regular basis.

  • Elders College

    We organize workshops for elderly members of the residential community to cater to a range of hobbies, such as singing and dancing. We believe that these classes fulfill the lives of our elderly property owners and residents as they provide socializing opportunities.